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Options Available


Support Group

This develops listening and speaking skills, including pronunciation, with an emphasis on fluency and the use of practical spoken English.

Writing Skills

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Recommended for students who wish to go on to exam preparation and academic English courses or further studies taught in English.

New Zealand Studies

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This course will give students a broad overview of the language and culture which make New Zealand unique. Content covers: History/ Geography, Maori Culture, Language, Food, Wine and Beer, Songs/Films/Poetry/Books/TV



A combination of educational and cultural visits, sports activities and a variety of classroom-based and out of school learning situations. A small additional charge of around NZD 100 is payable each week for entry to activities in this option. This fee will be collected at the school before each week’s programme.



A lively, highly interactive and enjoyable option which covers all the sounds used in spoken English, with work on intonation, stress and linking.

Employment Preparation

CV Writing / Job Interview Skills

Job Interview

We can help you with our CV and interview preparation. We will teach you about NZ labour laws, what your rights are, rates of pay. We will provide you with information about working in New Zealand and a list of job vacancies, including opportunities to talk to selected business partners

Business English

Business Meeting

Practical everyday skills you need to succeed in a Business environment and in international business. By the end of the course, students will be able to deliver presentations with confidence.

These options are subject to demand and may require minimum class numbers to run.
Afternoon options are from 12.40 pm to 2.30 pm, Monday - Thursday.
The ‘skills’ option is automatically chosen for students if the other options are not available.

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