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  • What course does WWSE offer?
    Part-Time Morning Course: 13.5 hours/week, 9.00 am – 12.00 pm Monday to Friday Part-Time Afternoon Course: 6.5 hours /week 12.40 pm –2:30 pm Monday to Thursday Full-Time Intensive Course: full-time 20 hours/week, 9.00am – 2.30 pm Monday to Thursday, Friday until 12.00 pm. IELTS, Cambridge (FCE, CAE, CPE), Business English are available. We also offer English PLUS programmes such as Unpaid Internship Programmes.
  • What kind of general courses does WWSE offer?
    Course content: A communicative course in General English, covering Grammar and Vocabulary development, the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Course start dates: You may begin your course on any Monday (except public holidays). Number of levels: 8 levels, from Beginner to Advanced (CEFR A1-C2). Course length: Choose any length of course from 2 to 52 weeks
  • What kind of afternoon options does WWSE offer?
    Conversation, Pronunciation, New Zealand Studies, Writing Skills, Business English, CV writing and Job Interview Skill, Activities Programme, Private Lesson – One-to-One Tuition. *These options are subject to demand and may require minimum class numbers to run.
  • Is there any minimum age to enrol with WWSE?
    Yes, you need to be 18 years old.
  • What is the average number of students in a class?
    Our average class sizes range from 14 to 16 students.
  • When can I start my course?
    You can start a General English course any Monday. Cambridge course has specific start dates.
  • Can I change my class from General English to IELTS or any other course?
    Yes, you can, as long as you have an intermediate English level or higher. Please let us know by Thursday each week if you’d like to change your afternoon class.
  • How can I join Cambridge preparation classes? Are there any requirements?
    Yes. Offshore pre-tests are required to join the classes. You can also transfer from General English class if you pass the pre-test and pay an additional resource fee for exam and textbook when you start the Cambridge course.
  • How can I move up to the next English level?
    A percentage score is given for each skill based on the assessment. You can move up when you score at least 75% or higher in each skill. You may still be promoted to the next level, if you score less than 75% in one area, but are strong in other areas. These tests are given in Week 3 and Week 5 of the 6-week Block.
  • How can I change my afternoon class?
    You need to tell us before 12:00 pm on the Thursday the week before the class starts.
  • What kind of Activities does WWSE offer? Are they free?
    Every day of the school week we have social activities and events organised. These usually are: ・Body and Mind connection (Yoga and Stretching Classes) ・Sports Day (Volleyball, Football, Touch Rugby, other) ・Dinner with Classmates ・Social Meetings (Pub Night) ・School Parties (Every 2 months) *Students are required to pay for some of the activities.
  • Is there any discount for students?
    Some of the activities have discounts for students. There are many shops and restaurants offering students discounts if you show your student ID.
  • Does WWSE offer weekend trip for students?
    Worldwide School works with a professional tourism company. Often, we have 4 or 5 arranged options each weekend. The most common and popular weekend trips are: Hobbiton Rotorua/Lake Tekapo/Waitomo Caves Bay of Islands Mount Ruapehu (in winter, for skiing and snowboarding) Weekend trips cost between NZ$125 and NZ$450 and include accommodation, transport, most activities and some meals. Some are just a Saturday and Sunday one-day trips. These may include the following: learn to surf horse riding wine tasting
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  • Does WWSE offer city accommodation?
    Yes, we have a range of City Apartment options available for students aged over 18 years old
  • Can I check into my homestay anytime?
    Please check-in on weekend days.
  • Can I leave my homestay earlier than I have booked?
    Yes, however the first 4 weeks of a homestay cannot be refunded. If a student wants to leave, a 2-week notice must be given to both the family and school in writing. Example: Check in: 06 Mar 2022 Check out: 21 Aug 2022 Duration: 24 weeks New check out date: 01 May 2022 Worldwide needs to inform the Homestay company before 17 Apr 2022 Refund: 01 May - 21 Aug for 16 weeks
  • Can I change homestay family?
    Yes, but any changes due to personal preference (i.e. too far from the city - be close to friends in a certain area, doesn't like to eat vegetables etc.) will incur a full charge of accommodation placement fee of NZ$250. Please talk to one of our staff members and explain your situation. It might be something that can be easily fixed by communication.
  • What is the accommodation refund policy?
    Homestay The first 4 weeks of a homestay cannot be refunded. If a student wants to leave, a 2-week notice must be given to both the family and school in writing. Apartment The first 4 weeks of an apartment cannot be refunded. If a student wants to leave, 2-weeks’ notice must be given to both the Apartment Manager and school at Worldwide.
  • How do I get to and from school? How far do I have to travel? Will my family show me how to get to school ?
    All students staying in homestay will have to take public transport by themselves going to and from school. Your host family will show you where and how to take the bus or train. All our families live close to a bus stop and other amenities and are on average between 45-60 minutes away by public transport such as bus and train.
  • Can I use host family’s items? Such as a hair dryer or bath towels?
    Depends on the family. Please ask them if you wish.
  • What meals are included in the homestay?
    All meals on weekends and holidays are included and breakfast and dinner are included on school days.
  • Can I arrive in New Zealand during the week?
    Any students arriving on a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday will have to pay a daily surcharge of NZ$25 for each extra mid-week day in total $80 per day. This is to cover food and power that the student may use while in the house during the day and in cases where a homestay family member has to take a day off work. In addition, all mid-week arrivals, students MUST book and pay for Airport pick up unless a local based partner is arranging pick up. Students arriving early are encouraged to leave the house during the day to do some sightseeing and also visit the school to take their pre-test. Students arriving mid-week will also not be able to start classes until the following week. Please also note that there will be limited homestay availability for mid-week arrivals as many host families are not willing to take a student not arriving at the weekend.
  • Are there any costs to change my accommodation (homestay or city accommodation)?
    Full charge of accommodation placement fee of NZ$250.
  • Will the homestay family let me use the kitchen?
    Depends on the family. Please ask them if you wish.
  • Will there be another WWSE student staying with the same homestay?
    Depends on the situation. There will not be a student who is same nationality as yours and different gender usually.
  • I have a medical condition/allergy. Do I have to tell the host family?
    You must tell us about your medical conditions and dietary requirements on your enrolment form.
  • I am a smoker, can I smoke at the homestay?"
    You must tell us when you send your enrolment. None of our host families allow smoking inside the house, so please discuss with your family where you can smoke and where you can throw away any cigarette butts after smoking.
  • Will I have my own bathroom in the homestay?
    Unfortunately, most bedrooms in New Zealand do not come with an own bathroom. Most of our students will need to share a bathroom with the rest of the host family.
  • Are pets common in Homestays?
    Many families will have dogs, cats or both. If you are allergic and cannot live with pets, you must tell us on the enrolment form. The WWSE Homestay Team will do their best to match all your requirements.
  • What if I miss my flight, how can I inform the airport pick up service that I have booked I will arrive late?"
    Please contact Premier Transfers 021 272 1010 (From New Zealand) +64 21 272 1010 (From Overseas) Send an email to: You need to tell the following information: ①Full Name ②Flight No. ③Arrival Time
  • When can I tell WWSE my flight detail?
    As soon as possible and please do not send flight details on the Friday of the weekend before the student arrives.
  • Do I need to apply for a visa? If so, how do I know which visa to apply for?"
    Student, Visitor and Working Holiday visas are the most common types of visas that our students have. We do accept also Seasonal Visa, Work visa, Diplomatic and Resident. Each of these has different requirements, conditions, rights, processes, and procedures that vary from country to country. To find out which visa is best for you, we recommend that you talk with an Educational Agent or Inmigration Advisor, also visit your local New Zealand Embassy or visit the Immigration New Zealand website for more information.
  • How can I apply for a student visa?
    You can apply for a student visa if you study full-time for more than 14 weeks. Online visa application is the easiest way. You can do the process by your self or using an Educational Agent or Immigration Advisor. Once you pay your tuition fees and prepare all documents you need, you can apply for a student visa online. Please check New Zealand Immigration website or ask your agent.
  • I want to work while I study, what kind of visa do I need?"
    A Working holiday Visa or a Student visa. A Student visa allows you to work maximum 20 hours per week. You cannot work on a Visitor Visa. More information can be found on Immigration New Zealand’s website.
  • Where can I find out information on my work rights in New Zealand and rules for working on a student visa?
    Working in another country can be very different from working in your country. In New Zealand there are laws to protect all workers, and this includes international students. We also recommend that you join our afternoon option of CV Writing and Job Interview Skills and we will give you more information about working in NZ.
  • I hold a valid working visa, but where can I find a job?"
    We recommend finding a job in New Zealand on: TradeMe( SEEK( Please don`t forget to join one of our afternoon options such as CV Writing and Job Interview Skills to make sure you are ready to look for a job.

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